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Service Agreement For Marcum's Nursery
Effective July 2013
169 N. Main Avenue, Goldsby, OK 73093 (405-288-2368) 
2121 S. W. 119th Street, OKC, OK 73170 (405-691-9100)

We install trees/shrubs and materials with consideration to preventing damage to the existing lawn and landscape. In some cases, it is necessary to use machinery to lift or move plant material. We will not be responsible for damage that occurs when instructed by you to enter your property with the machinery. We will repair minimal damage as a courtesy to you. Prices quoted for planting trees/shrubs are based on reasonable accessed areas. Any additional labor needed to plant the tree/shrub could result in an additional charge. Our Service Agreement reads as follows:

The customer is responsible for the following:

The customer is responsible for providing reasonable access to the area where the plant will be placed and determining that cable, phone, irrigation lines, or any other utility line not normally marked by OKIE are identified. The customer is encouraged to call OKIE at  800-522-6543 to determine the placement of digging status concerning anything on their property prior to excavating.

Safety for our crews is our number one concern for our employees. If Marcum’s Nursery has any concerns regarding digging, especially on bigger trees where machinery may be used, we will contact OKIE prior to excavating. All OKIE Line locate requests require a 48 hours advance notice to mark lines.

The customer will be responsible in communicating all possible planting/landscaping obstacles in the initial consult. This would include but not be limited to the following examples: locked gates, pets, tree stumps, air conditioning units, neighborhood access codes/locks and privacy fences/retaining walls.

The customer will be responsible for all service charges if Marcum’s Nursery is unable to complete the work due to circumstances beyond our control once our crews have been dispatched to the job site.

Removing tree stumps and other obstacles interfering with the planting of the tree/shrub.
NOTE: Our price for planting does NOT include removing stumps or dead trees. Please inform us if we will be coordinating our installation schedule with a tree/stump removal company. 

Marcum's Suggests: Our preference is to work with a professional tree/stump removal company that has experience and the proper equipment to ensure the tree/stump removal has been done correctly. We are happy to make professional tree/stump removal recommendations based on our previous work experience. However, if you have made PRIOR arrangements for Marcum's Nursery to remove any stump or dead trees, please note our additional tree/stump removal charges:

$25.00 an hour per crew member on job site (usually a 3-man crew)

$25.00 minimum disposal fee

Our goal and purpose is to keep our customers happy. Our Service Agreement has always been in favor of our customer, and we will strive to continue our goal of customer satisfaction. If you have questions regarding our Service Agreement, please call us.

I have read and understand the Service Agreement offered by Marcum's Nursery. By signing this, I give Marcum's Nursery and their personnel complete access to my property to complete the work requested.