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Plant Warranty For Marcum's Nursery

Marcum’s Nursery Plant Warranty
Effective July 2013
169 N. Main Avenue, Goldsby, OK  73093  (405-288-2368)
2121 S.W. 119th Street, OKC, OK  73170 (405-691-9100)

Warranty on trees and shrubs planted by Marcum's Nursery, is ONE YEAR from the date the tree/shrub was planted. WE DO NOT REPLACE ANNUAL PLANTS. If there are questions or concerns on trees/shrubs planted by Marcum's Nursery, please inform us when the concern arises. We will work to diagnose the problem and get it corrected. If it is determined that a replacement tree/shrub is necessary, we will schedule the replacement at a time that gives the replacement tree/shrub the best chance of survival. We will replace the tree/shrub with no additional charge for labor if the tree/shrub dies within the first four (4) months of planting. After the first four (4) months, the initial cost of labor will be assessed to replant the tree/shrub. If we feel the tree/shrub has a chance to survive and begin growing as a healthy tree/shrub, an extension can be made to the warranty at that time. If the tree/shrub is dormant when planted, we guarantee the tree/shrub to begin growing as a healthy tree/shrub in the spring. 

Marcum's Nursery recommends moving tree straps every three (3) months to keep the straps from girdling the tree. Remove tree stakes one year after planting of tree.


Our warranty does not cover trees/shrubs that fail to survive because of neglect, fire, wind, hail, flooding, freeze, chemicals or any natural disaster that occurs beyond our control. Neglect includes failure to water in periods of drought, over watering, insect infestation or disease. We do not warranty trees/shrubs if the planting site has been altered (For example: inserting PVC tubes into the ground for watering, raising the level of the soil around the trunk of the tree, removing the tree well before the first year).

We install trees/shrubs and materials with consideration to preventing damage to the existing lawn and landscape. In some cases, it is necessary to use machinery to lift or move plant material. We will not be responsible for damage that occurs when instructed by you to enter your property with the machinery. We will repair minimal damage as a courtesy to you. Prices quoted for planting trees/shrubs are based on reasonable accessed areas. Any additional labor needed to plant the tree/shrub could result in an additional charge. Please see Marcum's Service Agreement for details.

Please Note: All balances are due when landscaping installation is complete. The warranty may be revoked at the discretion of Marcum's Nursery, if there is a remaining balance after date of installation.

Our goal and purpose is to keep our customers happy. If you have questions regarding the care of your tree/shrub, please call us.

Our warranty has always been in favor of our customer, and we will strive to continue our goal of customer satisfaction.

I have read and understand the warranty offered by Marcum’s Nursery. By signing this, I give Marcum’s Nursery and their personnel complete access to my property to complete the work requested.

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