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Vine - Sweet Potato - Kelly Ray PP24446

Patented in 2014 by Kelly Marcum, of Marcum's Nursery, and featured on the Martha Stewart Show, this sweet potato vine's showy heart-shaped 'Ace of Spades' like foliage starts out lime green. As the foliage matures, it showcases a marbled purplish-black and vibrant lime green colors that look as if Jackson Pollock's paintbrush has been at work. Each new leaf's coloration (including its underside) remains a mystery as no two leaves are alike.    

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Oklahoma Proven, Marcum Grown, Chump's Choice, Spreading

Botanical: Ipomoea batatas - Kelly Ray
Genus: Ipomoea
Flower Color: ~ Any
Type: Vine
Mature Height: 6" - 8"
Mature Width: Indefinite
Zone(s): 10
Special Features: Foliage
Moisture Tolerance: Heat tolerant, Occasional watering, once established
Attracts Wildlife:
Appropriate Setting: Container, Hanging Baskets, Mass Planting, Summer Groundcover
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast growing
Flowering Season:
Foliage Color Marbled
Sun Exposure Full Shade, Full Sun

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