Shrubs and roses can help define spaces, create beautiful borders, produce stunning focal points and even attract wildlife to your garden. Stop by one of our locations to find an abundance of shrubs and roses to create or complete your ideal garden.

If you're unsure about the right roses or shrubs for your home, please ask a Marcum's team member. Our friendly associates are happy to assist with any plant questions you might have! 



We grow more than 1,600 rose bushes every year on our farms in central Oklahoma. Whether you're looking for climbing roses to add beauty to an outdoor structure or knockout roses that really "Wow!" you're sure to find quality roses at either of our locations. 


Our shrub selection is extensive. From traditional screening shrubs like boxwoods and hollies to attention-demanding statement shrubs like hydrangeas or bold evergreens, Marcum's Nursery & Tree Farm is sure to grow and stock your favorites.

Rose & Shrub Tips


Many plants need additional nutrients to supplement what your soil provides. Roses in particular are what many green thumbs consider, "heavy feeders." This means that they demand more nutrients than some of your other garden variety flowers. 

There are three key nutrients plant health is based on: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). You'll find these three ingredients on most any fertilizer packaging accompanied by percentages. Different zones and soils will require different levels of each of these nutrients. Ask your Marcum's associate today about the proper fertilizer for your shrubs or roses.


Root stimulators give plants the necessary nutrients to overcome shock and can help plants begin developing a strong root system. There are many different root stimulators on the market, and even some DIY root stimulator recipes. Talk to a Marcum's associate at our Oklahoma City or Goldsby locations about root stimulators before taking your new plants home.


Plant disease should not be taken lightly. Different plant species fall victim to different diseases, and if noticed in time, plants can often be saved. Talk to a member of the Marcum's team about how best to combat plant disease.


Few things are more frustrating to a gardener than doing everything right for your plant and having it be killed by insects. Different plants attract different insects, and while some insects may aid one plant, they can cause detriment to another. Prevention is always best, but if you have an insect problem in your garden, don't hesitate to give us a call or visit one of our stores to get a plan of action together to save your garden from insects. 


Mulch comes in many forms and should never be forgotten when planning a garden or landscape design. In addition to giving your garden that polished, finished look, mulch also is a helpful hand when it comes to your plant flourishing. 

Mulch retains moisture to keep plants' roots from drying out too quickly. It also helps defend your beloved plants from weeds who compete for nutrients. Be careful when choosing mulch to select one that will help your plants, not harm them. Ask a Marcum's associate about mulch varieties and what's right for your garden.